Big boy from the pits

I’ve not long finished this chap. He was another element of the Stag Inq28 game I mentioned in my previous post.

He is made from the Goblin King from The Hobbit range. He has a head from the Warhammer Giant kit and and has been generally beaten up with textured paint and greenstuff!!

Gave him a wired in heavy stubber as well. I like the idea that this used to be a bodyguard to someone but has been captured and mutilated before being sent to the slums to take part in pit fits.

He’s yet to be named and given a proper story. I’m sure when it comes to his first outing on a gaming table, his history and story will write itself.

In other news I’ve started to rebase my Ogre army for AOS. I rarely play Warhammer Fantasy anymore and AOS seems to have a decent following at the club I attend.

Thanks for looking.



Ok, so what to say! I love building and painting miniatures. Really enjoy narrative gaming! Games like Warcry and Killteam have sparked my imagination in a big way and it’s fun building themed warbands for these games.

I’m a long term Fantasy and 40k player. My love of Space Marines has left me with a rather large collection of the power armoured beauties! My homebrew chapter The Sons of Egyptus have rich and full history which I’ve been developing and writing over the years. I’m sure we will talk more about those another time.

I thought I’d share an Armies on Parade entry I made a couple of years ago….

A weird bunch of gribbly things! I usually game with them as plaguebearers. This was a fun project which ended with building the board for Armies on Parade. I won!! Was a good day out at the local GW.

I’ll get some closer pics of the snail/giant thingy. He was a fun build and one of the biggest models I’ve built for a while.

Thanks for reading.


Well, here we go!.. Lets start corny!

Time to blog! I’ve been toying with doing this for ages! My good pal Alex over at Leadballoony has been on at me (although I think he’s given up) to get cracking and share my hobby!

So here we go. I’m sure these posts will get better over time! But no promises!!

I’ll bore you all with more about me in future posts but for now I thought I’d answer a burning question… ‘Whats a Jedicorn?’

Well, it’s one of these….

A dear friend of mine was due to be married in a few weeks but the current situation we face in the world the big day has been postponed. Unfortunately the stag was cancelled as well! We had planned a multi game Inq28 mini campaign at Warhammer World. I’ve written a series of linked games and titled the campaign ‘The Bearded Unicorn’ (also the name of our whatsapp group chat!).

So we needed unicorns! This is the infamous Jedicorn. Legend in its own teatime and a suitable moving objective for the game. However some Jedicorn are known to get a bit cranky and go a bit, well, evil….

My good pal Andy Brown did this one…

I certainly don’t envy the slave sitting behind him!!! This magnificent beast is a Zebricorn of The Sith!

The idea was that we use these as objectives and there was various rewards for capturing, taming, allying with one of these beasts.

Well that’s it for now.


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