Happy Weekend to all in blog land! I mentioned previously that I’ve been rebasing my Ogre army for Age of Sigmar. I’m working on a rough plan for the army and I needed a Tyrant. In Warhammer Fantasy I favoured Butchers and Bruiser Battle Standard Bearers (Hero Level Characters) over the points costly Tyrants. I’veContinue reading “RealmEater”

Kashta – 9th Company Captain

Second part of my Rogue Trader Space Marine mini project. Captain Kashta, another of the Imperial Marines to flee Terra with Amon. Kashta fought along side Amon at the closing stages of the Unification Wars. Kashta excelled at long range assaults and tank combats. He watched the Imperial Technologies advance in despair. As servitors andContinue reading “Kashta – 9th Company Captain”

Bolgur Sourtoof

A step closer to getting my Chaos Troll army ready for Age of Sigmar. I played Throgg’s Troll Horde back in 7th/8th Edition Fantasy purely because of the modelling and conversion potential. At the time the plastic river trolls hadn’t long been released and I remember grabbing a couple of boxes and some chaos spawnContinue reading “Bolgur Sourtoof”

Picture dump from The Old World

Went digging around the loft and found my old Wood Elf army. Played it through 6th, 7th and 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy. Can’t quite remember the army composition but I’m not sure I was very successful with it. But thought I’d share all the same. Always liked Wood Elves. It was the tree daemons thing.Continue reading “Picture dump from The Old World”

The Sons of Egyptus

My homebrew Space Marine Chapter. I’ve been gaming with these chaps since 4th Edition. They are (as the title may suggest) Egyptian themed! But NOT Thousand Sons!!! The army started out as a small warband and kinda grew and grew! Fluff and background started to flow as I painted various marines from my collection. ThisContinue reading “The Sons of Egyptus”

Big boy from the pits

I’ve not long finished this chap. He was another element of the Stag Inq28 game I mentioned in my previous post. He is made from the Goblin King from The Hobbit range. He has a head from the Warhammer Giant kit and and has been generally beaten up with textured paint and greenstuff!! Gave himContinue reading “Big boy from the pits”

Well, here we go!.. Lets start corny!

Time to blog! I’ve been toying with doing this for ages! My good pal Alex over at Leadballoony has been on at me (although I think he’s given up) to get cracking and share my hobby! So here we go. I’m sure these posts will get better over time! But no promises!! I’ll bore youContinue reading “Well, here we go!.. Lets start corny!”

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