Couple of bits!

Hello all in blogland!

Thought I’d post a couple of bits that I’ve been working on. This will only be a brief post. But I’m excited about them so wanted to share…

First up we have a Daemon Ink Fountain. I’ve made this for The Daemon Ink Inq28 campaign being written and run by Mark over at His initial posts about the campaign have been incredibly inspiring and I have a head full of ideas about my warband. I’ve been making copious notes in my notepad. I need to start building really, otherwise I’ll end up changing my mind countless times and then theres the danger of not finishing anything!

The first challenge Mark has set is to think about what Daemon inkwells might look like. I’ve had a resin fountain in my bitz box for years and after reading the post I knew exactly what I wanted to do…

I added some icons and added some spindly arms to the base. I’ve given it a black spray with an overspray of incubi darkness. I’ll throw some paint at it and post an update. It’s based on a Mag Bellum circle base so I can use it on my board as well.

Next up is a key! A 3d printed key given to me by the ever talented Mark. Alex over at is running a roleplay/wargame over Zoom and this is a recurring symbol we keep seeing…..

Heres some work in progress shots and the finished article. I love little projects like this and it’s further enriched the game and story we are telling.

The online game is proving to be a real hit and each week brings new twists and turns. I’d certainly recommend online wargaming. Not the same as throwing dice in person but a jolly good way to get your wargame fix in these socially distant times we find ourselves in.

Anyway, I depart with gloomy picture of the ancient relic that seems to be at the heart (quite literally in some cases) of the plot.


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