Mag Bellum Part Deux

Well, so far so good!! My adventures with Mag Bellum have advanced rather swiftly. I stayed up way passed my bedtime last night working on my board. I must say, this is the most hobby fun I’ve had in ages. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hobby but messing around with a pot of filler and a tub of sand creating texture and depth to these tiles was fantastic!

The process was pretty simple. I smeared filler on bits of the board and then used on old brush and stippled over the blobs to spread them out a bit. I tried to avoid brush strokes or lines while trying to stop large peaks of filler appearing. Once I’d done that I put PVA glue on areas and covered with sand. I left it all to dry and then touched up some bits I missed either with more sand or filler.

Then armed with a can of cheap black primer I gave all the boards a base coat. I left it for a bit but before the paint fully dried I sprayed brown and dark green from a distance to add some colour contrast. Finally a heathy coat of my favourite Halfords lacquer all over to seal it properly. The lacquer gives an appearance of wet ground due to the shine on it. Its not gloss but catches the light enough to look like moisture on the surface.

I took pictures as I went along. I got a production line going so there was lots going on at the same time but I managed to grab a few pictures of each stage. Please forgive the darker images. They were taken at 11.30pm last night in my garden. I’ll get some better pictures in due course. Next step is to dry brush everything. I’ll mix a dark grey/brown paint as I want to keep it dark and grim.

Again, forgive the picture dump!


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