Kashta – 9th Company Captain

Second part of my Rogue Trader Space Marine mini project.

Captain Kashta, another of the Imperial Marines to flee Terra with Amon. Kashta fought along side Amon at the closing stages of the Unification Wars. Kashta excelled at long range assaults and tank combats. He watched the Imperial Technologies advance in despair. As servitors and robots took over a lot of the work Kashta spent more time working with Tech-adepts to advance the heavy weapon defences of Terra.

Spending a brief period on Mars, he failed the various tests set by his Tech-Priest overseers. He was seen as too much of a maverick and his suggestions in some cases were seen as extreme, almost radical!

As the Horus Heresy moved closer to Terra, Kashta was sent back to assist with ensuring the Imperial Capital was ready to deal with the oncoming storm. He worked along side the Imperial Fists that heavily fortified the Emperors Palace but there are no records of his involvement in the wars and sieges that led to the Emperors death.

Kashta was promoted several times by Amon and is currently 9th Company Captain of The Sons of Egyptus. Captain Kashta leads a heavily armed Battle Company. All trained to use a variety of devastator weaponry. Captain Kashta and the majority of his 9th Company served under Amon in the great civil war of Egyptus, which still rages on…

And, here is the first incarnation of Kashta. Brilliant model to paint. At first I wasn’t too sure about the huge Terminator Honours medallion hanging from his neck but its kinda cool. I’m pleased with how he’s turned out. The face was clunky but a pretty decent sculpt for its age.

Amon and Kashta – Sons of Egyptus

I remain inspired to do the rest of Amon’s Warband and I have the third Marine undercoated and ready to paint. I’ve been thinking about writing a mini game using the Warband. Maybe scenario set during their first arrival on Egyptus and a battle against the locals or desert beasts they disturbed? I dunno, something to think about in the future.

Until next time,


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